Why EmergiScan?

Created by educators, EmergiScan offers a way to account for students within a building and deploy resources were they are readily needed in the midst of an emergency situation. 


Our many features of EmergiScan make it simple to track students and data.

EmergiScan App

The app uses a 3-Step process for educators to report their status and scan all students in their care

Administrator Dashboard

Building administrators receive access to our easy-to-use dashboard.

Live Map

With an interactive, live map, administrators can quickly see which students or rooms need immediate assistance. 


Administrators can run reports in .csv format for printed reports of results. 

Connect to Your SIS

EmergiScan will connect to your Student Information System to accurately show students that are absent at the time of the event. 

Emergency Services

All of this information is used to quickly deploy emergency services where needed.