Accountability at your fingertips

In the event of a tragedy, it is the mission of EmergiScan to efficiently and effectively account for individuals within an organization and dispatch authorities to proper locations or people in need of immediate assistance.  

School shootings have happened in every state in the U.S. 

There have been over 1300 incidents since 1970. It is an event that we never hope happens to us, but we must always be prepared. EmergiScan can help with the stress of the aftermath from one of these incidents. 

What is EmergiScan?

The EmergiScan App

The system is implemented through a mobile device application where individuals are scanned using identification badges. Employees will submit whether emergency assistance is needed. These submissions are sent to a database that can be accessed by building officials to help locate and account for all individuals at the time of an incident.   

L-A-S System

Within the app, employees will report their LOCATION, mark if they need ASSISTANCE, and SCAN all individuals in the room. 

Our easy 3-step process makes student accountability easy, even in the chaos of a stressful situation. 


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